Before submitting the manuscript, please ensure you carefully read and adhere to all the guidelines and instructions to authors provided by the LiC formatted template [download]. The template provides you with all necessary information and examples (titles, citations, references…) to write your paper, and can also be properly used as a template to write in before submitting it to LiC.

Your formatted manuscript will then be turned into and visualised as (i) the camera-ready LiC format (see the articles contained in LiC 36(1) as appropriate examples); (ii) XML format. Readers can choose the format in which they will access to the contents of the Journal: (i) they can download the whole issue, (ii) one single article, (iii) or the PDF automatically generated by the OJS system.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that proper standards of scholarship have been followed. All papers are subject to double-blind peer review. 

Manuscript Status (Information for authors)

The OJS system allows authors to know the manuscript status.

Manuscript submitted

The journal has received the submission and is screening it for basic technical requirements.

Under review

The handling editors have invited three peer reviewers to evaluate the submission.

Decision in process

The handling editors have not yet reached a decision about the publication.