Focus and Scope of the journal

This is a Journal for interdisciplinary research. Law in Context is situated at the crossroads of legal studies, public and private law, international relations, security, policies, data protection, judicial studies, and technology. It covers all dimensions and topics of Law and Society. Hence, it is intended to bridge Law, Law & Society disciplines and Technology (including ICT, Semantics, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence) from a social point of view. This perspective allows a plurality of methods and theoretical approaches from anthropology, history, sociology, and linguistics. Original articles on any topics of these subjects and fields will be considered for publication.

All accepted papers will be first made available on-line and then will be incorporated in the next available issue of the Journal. As well as its traditional coverage LiC is also seeking video, coding, digital material, visual law and other non-traditional contributions. All submitted material will be reviewed and a decision as to publication within a four-week turn-around.